Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Vision walk

So today mom and I had a walk to go to today to raise money for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. It was called the Vision walk and it was a lot of fun! My puppy goup had a booth to get people interested in puppy raising. And oh man there was so many people that came to see me. And a bunch of people kept recognizing me and mom from the TV interview, so I guess we really are movie stars!!!!!

I had so much fun today!!! Mom brought my x-pen along with a bunch of my toys and I got to play the whole time. And then my other girlfriend Lumina came and I played with her until I just had no more enegery. And since Lumina wouldn't let me sleep mom picked me up and held me in her I got to take a great nap. And then I was ready to kick Lumina's butt again!!!!

Big boy now

So I have out grown my puppy kennel and I was having to sleep with my paws up the side of the kennel to be able to stretch out. So mom asked our leader if we could get another big boy kennel like the one my brother Rookie sleeps in.

So yesterday we brought it home and oh boy was it soooooo roomie. Mom told me I could start sleeping in it whenever I wanted to, but it was too big to set up in her room like my other kennel is. So she said that I would have to sleep out in the movie room up stairs instead of in her room.

I was a little scared because I have always slept next to mom since she brought me home, but I told her I wanted to try to be a big boy. But I asked her if she could keep my other kennel in her room for the first couple night incase I get scared and want to be close to her.

So last night mom helped me move my towel and toys to my big kennel. And for the first time I slept in my big boy kennel with out mom being in the room. I got a little scared at first when mom turned off the light but I just talked to Mr. Lobster and told him how I was feeling. And mom left the shirt she had been wear all day on top of the kennel so that I could have her sent near me....that helped a lot. And before I knew it I had fallen asleep and then I woke up and it was morning. Mom made a really big deal about it this morning when I woke up and kept telling me what a big boy I am.