Friday, October 24, 2008

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumkin Patch

So today we had a meeting at the pumkin patch. And oh boy was that fun, there was soooooooo many smells, my nose was just going crazy! Mom said I did very well and that she was very proud of me. Which is good because I have been trying really hard to be a good boy and make her proud.

We also got to take some fun know how mom's with camera's can be! So Mom got some pics of me in the pumkin patch...she said that I looked really good with the pumkins.

That's me and my mom

This is my puppy group!

Friday, October 17, 2008

sorry guys

Sorry it has been forever since I last blogged. I have been really busy trying to learn how to be a good boy and make my mommy happy.

On top of that my family and I moved to a new house which was really confusing at the time, but now it's cool because me and Neela have a lot of room to run around and wrestle. Plus it has a lot of cold tile to lay on after I am done kicking my sisters butt ; )

I would post some pictures, but my cat brother Parker knocked mom's laptop of her bed and killed it so now she has a new one and it doesn't have all my pictures on it. She say's she is going to try to get the stuff transferred from the old laptop to the new when she does that I will post some pictures of me....I will warn you though............. I'm pretty handsome!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Vision walk

So today mom and I had a walk to go to today to raise money for the Foundation Fighting Blindness. It was called the Vision walk and it was a lot of fun! My puppy goup had a booth to get people interested in puppy raising. And oh man there was so many people that came to see me. And a bunch of people kept recognizing me and mom from the TV interview, so I guess we really are movie stars!!!!!

I had so much fun today!!! Mom brought my x-pen along with a bunch of my toys and I got to play the whole time. And then my other girlfriend Lumina came and I played with her until I just had no more enegery. And since Lumina wouldn't let me sleep mom picked me up and held me in her I got to take a great nap. And then I was ready to kick Lumina's butt again!!!!

Big boy now

So I have out grown my puppy kennel and I was having to sleep with my paws up the side of the kennel to be able to stretch out. So mom asked our leader if we could get another big boy kennel like the one my brother Rookie sleeps in.

So yesterday we brought it home and oh boy was it soooooo roomie. Mom told me I could start sleeping in it whenever I wanted to, but it was too big to set up in her room like my other kennel is. So she said that I would have to sleep out in the movie room up stairs instead of in her room.

I was a little scared because I have always slept next to mom since she brought me home, but I told her I wanted to try to be a big boy. But I asked her if she could keep my other kennel in her room for the first couple night incase I get scared and want to be close to her.

So last night mom helped me move my towel and toys to my big kennel. And for the first time I slept in my big boy kennel with out mom being in the room. I got a little scared at first when mom turned off the light but I just talked to Mr. Lobster and told him how I was feeling. And mom left the shirt she had been wear all day on top of the kennel so that I could have her sent near me....that helped a lot. And before I knew it I had fallen asleep and then I woke up and it was morning. Mom made a really big deal about it this morning when I woke up and kept telling me what a big boy I am.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I'm a movie star!!!!!!!

So on Monday night mommy got all dressed up and I put on my jacket and we went to this big building with all these big machines in it. There were all these people running around, freaking out and I just wanted to play with them. But mom said they were busy and trying to get the show started....whatever. And then mom handed me over to Gama (my grandma) while mom went and got her make-up done. And when she came out I was like whoa mom, what happened to you. It was crazy she had so much of whatever that stuff girls put on is I tried to lick it off for her. And then this guy kept saying "and we are live in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1" what the heck does that mean. Aren't we always live???? After about 5 minutes mom decided I should go outside and go potty so I wouldn't pee in her lap while we were on Camera and Linda and her guide dog Lyla went out with me. Mom says that Lyla is what I am learning how to be.....I am sorry Lyla didn't look like she was having much fun. I mean I tried playing with her and she just ignored me...I don't understand why = ( And then after going potty we had to rush back inside and get on stage before they came back from comeercial. I sat in mom's lab and laid my head on the table and everyone was making all these weird noises and saying I was being so good and so cute....I guess I can't help it, It seems where ever I go people feel the need to tell me how cute I am and make this aww sound. My mom says I was a natural in front of the camera, and that I was a good boy and that I made her proud.

And I just want everyone to know that even though I'm a famous movie star now, I am not going to let the fame go to my head and lead me to do bad things.

Other then becoming a famous movie star. I have been very busy kicking my brothers butt at wrestling matches. mastering going potty outside (which I must admit is very hard), and of course chewing my sticks...I love those darn things.

We are having a huge storm that is making water fall from the sky really hard. Not to mention these loud booms and bright flashes...I thought someone was taking my get use to that when you are as famous as I am. But mom says I don't need to be's just God taking my picture and his angels beating their drums.

Well I need to go play with my brother, so I will write again long as I don't float

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What a day

So today was a really big day for me. Not only was it my first real guide dog was a fun day!!!!! And oh boy was it fun!!!!! I mean everyone loved me, and I got to see my Grandma Pat whitehead....and she kept puppy napping me from my x-pen and holding me and taking pictures of's so hard to be so popular! I barley got any napping in because I was passed from one person to the next. And mom kept showing me off to people. And then when I was in my pen I had this pretty girl Lahaina to play with. And oh my goodness she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen....I even let her chew my's true puppy love! My mom tells me that I still a little young to be going for older women, but I don't care!!!!!! But I think the coolest part of the whole day is that instead of going down to Oceanside in mom's SUV we got to ride in style...we met up with my mom's best friend and went down in her motorhome and me and the other dogs of the group got to play the who time. And don't tell my mom, but when they were eating there donuts on the drive down, me and my buddies took it upon ourselves to clean up the crumbs those strange people kept dropping.

So by the time we got home I was so tired and hot. So I took a long nap and then my brother Rookie came home from being at our house in Lake Havasu with his mommy. He is the coolest brother anyone could have, he is 1 and has so much energy...not to mention the coolest markings. He is white and mom calls him a dalmation, but I just call him my brother = )

I think it's time for another nap, so I will write again soon!

Oh, and I am still staying loyal to my sticks, but have made a deal with my mom that I will give going potty outside a try....mostly because when I go outside she does this funny little dance and keeps telling me what a good boy I's hilarous!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Just getting started

Hey everyone, so I am Alioto and I was born on Feb. 19, 2008 and I am being trained by this girl Ashley (I call her mom) to be a guide dog...whatever that means. I love eating sticks and peeing on the carpet, but Ashley goes all crazy dog trainer on me and tells me that I am being a bad boy. Gosh can't a boy just have some fun. She says she is trying to set my up for sucess, so I can one day go make her proud and become a guide dog. But I am sorry I am just not sure making her proud is worth giving up my sticks...they are pretty special to me. I have been talking to Mr. Lobster (he's my little lovie that sleeps in my kennel with me) about it. And he thinks I should give it a try. He says Ashley knows what she is talking about and she has done this before...blah blah blah. But I really think he is pulling my chain, I mean he gets to chill in the kennel all day while I try to be a "good boy," he has no clue how hard it can be at times.

Well mom is saying I need to go outside and "do my business" so I better go. But I will keep you posted on what I decide about my sticks.