Friday, May 16, 2008

Just getting started

Hey everyone, so I am Alioto and I was born on Feb. 19, 2008 and I am being trained by this girl Ashley (I call her mom) to be a guide dog...whatever that means. I love eating sticks and peeing on the carpet, but Ashley goes all crazy dog trainer on me and tells me that I am being a bad boy. Gosh can't a boy just have some fun. She says she is trying to set my up for sucess, so I can one day go make her proud and become a guide dog. But I am sorry I am just not sure making her proud is worth giving up my sticks...they are pretty special to me. I have been talking to Mr. Lobster (he's my little lovie that sleeps in my kennel with me) about it. And he thinks I should give it a try. He says Ashley knows what she is talking about and she has done this before...blah blah blah. But I really think he is pulling my chain, I mean he gets to chill in the kennel all day while I try to be a "good boy," he has no clue how hard it can be at times.

Well mom is saying I need to go outside and "do my business" so I better go. But I will keep you posted on what I decide about my sticks.


Elizabeth and Alana said...

Oh, Alioto. Alana likes peeing on the carpet too. You're not alone!

The Cutest Accord! said...

Alioto - I can tell ya from experience, your mom will be MUCH happier if you pee outside! My mom goes crazy when I pee outside. But I like your idea about picking stuff up! I was doing good until I read your blog - sticks are my favorite!
Love and licks,